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After an accidental pregnancy turned abortion, a deadbeat nanny finds an unlikely friendship with the six-year old she's charged with protecting
Kelly O'Sullivan, Charin Alvarez

Kelly O'Sullivan
year - 2019
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Saint francis basketball. Anyone feeling stuck in a rut will appreciate “Saint Frances, ” Alex Thompson’s sensitive feature debut, which earned both the Audience and Grand Jury awards at SXSW last year. Though he focuses on one small season of one woman’s life, the details don’t go unnoticed. Bridget (Kelly O’Sullivan, “Sirens”) is used to the patronizing pity in people’s eyes when she admits she dropped out of Northwestern after a year. When she tells them she’s 34, single, and works in a diner. When she stands in awkward silence, after someone pushes her to admit what she really wants with her life. If she knew, maybe she’d be doing it already. Or maybe not. But either way, the issue isn’t that her meandering path is making others unhappy. After all, none of the married, professional, parenting people she knows seem especially content. Also Read: 'Running With Beto, ' Shia LaBeouf's 'Peanut Butter Falcon' Win SXSW Audience Awards Certainly not Annie (Lily Mojekwu) and Maya (Charin Alvarez), a Catholic, multiracial lesbian couple who hire Bridget as their nanny. Their brilliant six-year-old daughter, Frances (Ramona Edith Williams), is trying to make sense of all the chaos around her: a new baby brother, parents who fight more often, and this strange woman who is suddenly taking her to school and the park all the time. O’Sullivan, who wrote the script, works hard to stay focused within her micro-universe. Sometimes this means the pacing is slow and the suburban-Chicago imagery feels deceptively ordinary. But the memorably empathetic depictions of everyday joys and pain are most often found in the connections between people. So a generic kitchen becomes a crucial meeting place, and a noisy playground suddenly turns into a battleground. That Bridget is lost is never in doubt; that her guideposts are the other women in her life becomes increasingly clear with each misstep and stumbling recovery. Also Read: 'Emma' Sets Per-Screen Average Record, as 'Parasite' Nears $50 Million at Indie Box Office The filmmakers also do a nice job depicting the very millennial relationship between Bridget and Jace (Max Lipchitz), a laid-back beta-dude in his mid-20s. He suits her because they’re on the same track, despite the fact that she’s nearly a decade older. But while a lazier script or actor might leave it at that, Lipchitz gets the chance to push Jace into unexpected places. This is clear right away, when a post-party hookup turns graphically intimate in a way rarely seen onscreen. It’s not much of a spoiler to add that Bridget soon discovers she’s pregnant, since the decision she has to make impacts her throughout the movie. What’s more surprising, and gratifying, is the determinedly practical approach to such a controversial subject. We’ve seen lots of movies in which heroines grapple at great length with abortion emotionally, but very few in which they’re allowed to approach it on their own terms with absolutely no judgment. One of those, of course, was 2014’s beloved dramedy “Obvious Child, ” which does cast a long shadow even six years later. “Saint Frances” brings to mind plenty of other festival favorites as well, given that indies about a delayed coming-of-age are hardly uncommon. But if this movie doesn’t stand out for visual or thematic originality, it does make its own quiet case through consistently empathetic self-assurance. Bridget’s approach to an unplanned pregnancy is part of her story, but it doesn’t define her, and it’s to the filmmakers’ credit that they do everything they can to expand our heavily-reinforced cultural assumptions. Also Read: Sundance Lessons: How the Trump Era Has Focused Indie Filmmakers' Lens Indeed, the movie’s most notable asset is the way it resists sketching any of its main characters with a single, easy-to-grasp definition. This does make the exceptions stand out, like the designated villains who feel particularly cartoonish as they berate Maya for breastfeeding in public or belittle Bridget for taking care of other people’s children. But every one of the little-known leads is ideally cast, and fully committed. O’Sullivan cuts Bridget’s relatable vulnerability with a realistically selfish edge, Lipchitz upends their seemingly unbalanced relationship, and Alvarez deserves a raft of offers based on her moving portrayal of a silently overwhelmed mother. The acknowledged star, however, is Williams. A 6-year-old figure skater and pageant winner, she is the essence of wide-eyed precocity and given plenty of room to prove it. It’s hard to know yet whether she has an unusually natural and charismatic onscreen presence or a rare talent. But she is an undeniable charmer, even when required to solemnly deliver such adult-written lines as “Every woman’s body is different. ” Then again, she’s not wrong. So, too, is every woman’s experience. And “Saint Frances” never forgets it. Sundance Portraits From A to Z: Andy Samberg to Zazie Beetz (Exclusive Photos) Sundance 2020: Stars like Glenn Close, Kerry Washington and Bill Skarsgard stop by TheWrap Studio presented by Heineken at the Pando Art Gallery.

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Florida football better than any other state we do this for a living 💯. Saint francis high school sacramento. Saint frances cabrini catholic church. Saint frances xavier cabrini. Saint francis memorial hospital san francisco. Synopsis At the start of the summer, Bridget has an abortion just as she lands a much-needed job in affluent Evanston, Illinois — nannying a six-year old. Cast Crew Details Genres Director Producers Writer Editor Cinematography Production Design Composer News Our picks of the top 10 narrative features with world premieres at SXSW 2019. Read post Popular reviews More High key one of the best directorial debuts of recent memory. So open and honest and lo-fi in it's approach that I was totally blindsided when it made me tear up in the home stretch. Full disclosure, I had to opportunity to sit down with the director, Alex Thompson and the writer/star, Kelly O'Sullivan for a really fantastic interview. This is just one of the most delightfully big-hearted films that tackles a lot of topics in a very personal, head-on and matter of fact manner that makes you believe that maybe, just maybe, everything will turn out okay for us in the end. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll feel a big boost of empathy and understanding for everyone around you. Such a thoroughly delightful surprise of a movie. Amazing, complicated characters from our protagonist to the more peripheral figures she encounters on her journey. Saint Frances is largely a comedy, but the dramatic beats are so well handled and nearly brought me to tears twice because of how quickly invested I became in this story.  Without ever becoming heavy handed, there’s something quietly radical about how the film talks about women’s bodies. There is so much menstrual blood shown and talked about in this movie, and it’s directly relevant to the plot. It’s not to shock the audience, but rather to remind us all that there shouldn’t be any shame tied to a completely natural part of many people’s lives. … Highly doubt there will be a better, more honest screenplay this year. A brilliant, brave, and incredibly moving (but never melodramatic) story of finding faith in other people and yourself. reminds me of why i love movies in the first place made me want kids. i wasn't ready for that shit. Such an important film - want to share it with every woman I know. Recent reviews If I'd been able to rent this film and OBVIOUS CHILD around the time of my abortion, I think the experience would have felt less like a Choose Your Own Adventure: The Real Life American Horror Story Edition and more like a 'yes, this is happening, but you're a relatively privileged Western feminist atheist that can navigate this with your progressive peers' experience - Kelly's honest confrontation with her *feminist atheism* reserved a permanent seat for this film in my Top 10 films of 2020 list, and it's not even February 's going to be another great year, I can feel it... Bridget reminded me of myself in 10 years. This film gave me all the feels. I loved that the film shows the simple process of the abortion pill and shows how it is a difficult decision but sometimes necessary. Frances is adorable and a strong character. I loved her moms. I loved how relatable the story was. 找回生命的勇氣。雖然現在已經覺得美國獨立製片多數顯得大同小異,但還是有被這片觸動,覺得沒片商買很可惜。女主角很棒,小女孩也很棒,那對妻妻也很棒。角色更動人和迷人是這片成功的地方,看的時候也覺得這個角色互相牽動最後彼此治癒的關係很棒。 Not a stretch to call this miraculous. It reminded me of everything from UNHOOK THE STARS to... well, there just isn't much out there to compare it with. In the best possible way. what a pallet cleanser after seeing The Irishman lol (saw this as part of my local theatre’s independent film festival series).. of the best movies of the year! i laughed... i cried omg it was so good. kelly o’sullivan kinda the new brie brie is probably never gonna be in another indie movie (watch short term 12! ) Yeah - - - but no. It's not rare that I'm uncomfortable in the way some movies ask me to follow their way of thinking. That we're far from being on the same page. As in, "please believe me and take me seriously when I tell you... " But it is rare that I get this feeling in a movie that I would like to like. Surely, Saint Frances embraces post-abortion effects in a way that no other movie has ever done before. It also shows that parenthood is an extremely hard, outoging process while highlighting the mental struggles of both embracing your place in the world while showing the world to a little fellow-human. And undeniably, it does it all… A warm comedy full of charm, humor, and fun. But more centrally, Saint Frances is an ode to the female experience in 2019. While the film wholly succeeds as a female-empowering hug, it is too artificially compiled as a checklist of statements that need to be said that it never really comes together as a believable film. Almost every event or conflict in the film feels deliberate or staged rather than organic, culminating in a rigidly pc idealist crowd-pleaser full of “wouldn’t that be nice” moments. Regardless,  Saint Frances approaches some heavy issues with taste and humor, and it’s an overall good time. So it still comes confidently recommended. 2019 Ranked DFF42 Popular Lists More.

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