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Spies in Disguise
8.0 (82%) 95 votes
Spies in Disguise






  • audience score - 4401 vote
  • Adventure
  • Cast - Claire Crosby
  • average rating - 7,7 of 10
  • directed by - Troy Quane
  • 1 Hours, 42 Minute

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How to watch spies in disguise for free hd. Spies in disguise watch for free. Spies in disguise full movie watch online free. Watch spies in disguise online free 123. Spies In Disguise is about a spy being accused of stealing tech. He runs away from the agency to meet this kid that made him into a pigeon. They then go through many challenges to show the agency that they are good and also stop the villain.
Spies In Disguise wasn't anything special. It was an enjoyable film for families. There wasn't a lot of good family films that came out around the holidays. There was Cats but does anybody really want to go see that? There was Frozen 2 but that is almost out of theaters. This was really the only kids film that families could see over the break. There was a bunch of really good films but I wouldn't recommend those for families. I came out of the theater feeling how I thought I would feel. I had a good time watching the movie. Though my little brother next to me was getting a little board. That is probably the only problem I had with it. I think kids would get a little board in the second act. Besides that I think it was a solid family film. Although it might be a little intense for younger viewers. Although the animation was fantastic. I wonder if I should stop always saying it is good because it just looked so fluid and just good. There has been many films that look like this. The voice acting was great. They had a large cast of many talented actors. Will Smith starred and Tom Holland was the Co-Star. Besides that, all of the other actors were sort of just there. Ben Mendelsohn was the villain as normal but wasn't in the movie as much as you would think. Rashida Jones was also in it but didn't do much. This film had so much talent they didn't know what to do with all of it. It wasn't a problem, it was just something I noticed. The story besides the middle act was pretty fascinating. I didn't find my self drifting away from the story really at all.
Overall, Spies In Disguise was a good family film that I would recommend to families.

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