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Creator Nina May duration 1hour, 41 min Director Nina May USA. របស់គេនៅតែជារបស់យើង🖤✂️🖤. Free watch first lady lyrics. Free watch first lady episode. 30 minutes Lady Dynamite is an original comedy series starring Maria Bamford, based on what she has accepted to be "her life. The occasionally surreal episodes, refracted across multiple periods inspired by the actor/comedian's life, tell the story of a woman who loses - and then finds - her s* t. Pam Brady, Mitch Hurwitz and Maria Bamford are executive producers on the single camera comedy series. Previous Episode 196 watches 0 reviews When the plans for Maria's second wedding hit a snag, her new friends in the Filipino community step in to throw her an unforgettable party. Series Finale First Episode 498 watches Jumping back into L. A. life after six months away, Maria hatches a brilliant plan to meet her neighbors and get back into Mark McGrath's good graces. Series Premiere Vjeko Pavlečić This is brave and inventive television. It's a bummer when reviewers bring down the overall rating for a show because it isn't their cup of tea or doesn't work for them stylistically. Comedic sensibility is very personal and certainly this show isn't for everybody but if you want a show which doesn't just follow the same old formula - you'll be glad you persisted in watching it. I found myself laughing out loud which is not easy to accomplish. TelevisionFanboy Contributor Hilarious, unique, and intelligent, Lady Dynamite is a refreshingly excellent comedy. If you enjoy the first two minutes (most of you will) you'll love the whole show. Another Netflix success. 210 ratings (average: 3. 02) 8 reviews 8 reviews.

A/N: So this one ended up being a bit later than I wanted! Quite a bit, actually. Work's been busy, as usual, and I've also been putting a lot of effort into plotting out the upcoming episodes, later major events, and world building. I have outlines or drafts of Episodes 13-17, with Episode 17 starting Act IV, and drafts of a couple episodes in Acts V and VI. I have a draft of Episode 11. 5, and I have more or less fully plotted out Tyriel's story arc, which will tie into the transition between Act V and Act VI (Act VI being the final act of the series. I also have drafts of a few other half-episode side adventures that will be popping up in Acts IV and V. So I've got a lot coming down the pipeline, and I've done some important world building and deep-story plot development, but work's still going to be busy for a while yet, and I haven't made as much progress on producing finished episodes as I would like. I'm hoping to get more up soon, but can't make any promises. I'm posting this episode direct to public, since it's so late, but I'll be making the drafts for the next five episodes, along with the draft of Tyriel's 11. 5 available for my Patreons today. So, with all of that said, here is Episode 12! It's shorter than my average, at a little under 5500 words, but it kicks off Act III, and introduces several new keshmin artificers! I hope you enjoy! Retreat, Hell – Episode 12 [ First] Prev] Next] “Battaaalion! Atten-huh! ” Nearly eight hundred boots stomped the packed dirt. “Dress right, dress! ” Bradford stuck her left arm straight out to the side, head turned to the right, and shuffled into even separation. Directly behind her, Rinn was quick to copy her motions. “Ready, front! ” Arm down, facing straight ahead. “Left, face! ” Boots stomped as eight hundred Marines and one keshmin pivoted in place. “At a close interval, dress left, dress! ” Rinn was a little quicker to copy Bradford and the other Marines this time. These facing commands arent too dissimilar from Ganlin Army training, and the principle is the same… “Ready, front! Right, face! ” The muffled thump of almost eight hundred boots clopping the dirt reverberated across the impromptu parade ground. “At ease! ” Rinn relaxed from his attention posture along with the rest of the battalion, and had to resist the urge to reach up and tug on a horn. As polished as they are, I dont want to smudge them… He smirked, remembering his encounter with the rest of the squad the previous night. He had walked into the squads tent alone. Bradford had all but sprinted for the head as soon as they were dropped off. Stepping inside, he found the rest of the squad all staring at him with unnerving grins. “Were meeting all them fancy new artificers tomorrow, ” Kawalksi said, “And damnit if our Shields aint gonna show ‘em all up! ” “No, ” Rinn said, taking a step back, every danger sense he had flaring. “Cmon, Rinn, ” Kimber said, holding up a “power tool” they had purchased the other day. “Mr. Dremels calling your name! ” He pressed a button on the side, causing the tip to spin at an alarming rate with a high-pitched whine. Reen. REEEEEN. His ears jumped up in alarm, then swept flat back against his skull. “Fuck. No. ” The human explicative seemed to fit. “Cmon, brah! ” Stephens said. “It wont hurt! I think…” Rinn took a step back, deciding it was time to leave. His ears shot up again as he found his path blocked by a living mountain. Tahsh. “Hold him! ” Kawalski said. Rinn tried to bolt, he really did, but Gomez already had his arms around him. Before he knew it, the rest of the squad piled on. He squirmed, trying to break free, but Gomezs arms just squeezed tighter. A hand reached in to grab his head. He snapped at it. “Ah, fuck, he bit me! ” “Pin him down! ” The world tilted, and Rinn found himself on the ground, pinned under the weight of several Marines. But his hands were still free. Ish. He concentrated, drawing up his reserves, shaping the mana as he wriggled around, quickly losing the battle to keep them from completely pinning him. The charge was ready, and a leg came into convenient reach. “Ow, fuck! Shit! God fucking damnit! He fucking zapped me! Get his hands! Goddamnit, my whole leg dont fucking work! ” “Fucking hold still! ” “Now, you tell me if this starts to hurt, ” Kimber said. The Dremel whined. “Fuck you! ” Rinn growled. “Damn, I shoulda worn a mask for this…” “Ugh, blegh, I got Ahyat dust in my mouth! ” Rinn struggled and cursed for several more minutes before finally resigning himself to their efforts, though he grumbled the entire time. Two hours later, and his horns were smoother and glossier than they had ever been in his entire life. With just a little polish in the morning, they gleamed a deeper ebony than his fur. He might have also gotten a cracked rib or two in the process, he wasnt sure. Something was definitely bruised, at least… Snapping back to the present, he realized that the battalions XO was talking. “-are representing more than just the battalion. You are representing the entire US Marine Corps, the entire US military, the United States itself, and all of humanity. I have faith in all of you. Do not disappoint me. ” An awkward silence fell as Winters stepped to the side. She glanced at her watch with a subtle frown. “So how long are we gonna be waiting here? ” someone whispered. “Dunno any more than you do, man, ” said someone else. “Stand by to stand by, ” said a third Marine. Rinn snorted. “Ive stood at attention for half a day waiting on some lord general to come address the troops more than once. ” “Heh. Fucking brass are all the same, ” the first Marine said. Motion caught his eye, and he saw a Humvee approaching, followed by three carriages, each pulled by a pair of queshi. “Battalion! Attenhuh! ” Conversation died as the Marines snapped to attention. The Humvee rolled to a stop in front of the battalion, the carriages in a line behind it. The queshi team of the lead carriage snorted and shook their heads at the squeal of the humvees brakes. “Are those horses or elk? ” he heard a Marine mutter. The front passenger door of the Humvee opened, and Lieutenant Colonel Michaels stepped out. As he turned to face the carriages, footmen leapt down from the two leading carriages to place steps before their doors and open them. The passengers of the rear carriage, which appeared less well-appointed, were left to open their own door. Six keshmin stepped out of the carriages. The first carriage held only one passenger, the second held three, and the last held two. Rinns ears twitch as he recognized the livery of the first coach. That carriage belongs to Archduke Ki-Kami Yeshai! He and his son are eight and ninth in line for the throne! Michaels approached the Duke and shook his hand, and they led the rest of the artificers to stand in front of Barrakis and Winters, who stood at the head of the formation. Barrakis saluted. “All present, sir! ” Michaels returned the salute. “Outstanding, Sergeant Major. Tell the men to stand at ease. ” “Aye, sir. Battalion! At ease! ” Rinn relaxed with the other Marines, subtly leaning around Bradfords shoulder to get a glimpse of his fellow keshmin. A pair of Ospreys rumbled overhead in the near distance. “Second Battalion! ” Micheals said. “These are the new artificers that will be joining us for the next few weeks. ” He gestured to the sandy-and-cream colored keshmin standing next to him. He lacked the distinctive, reddish color of the royal family, but his fur still had a hint of rust color, and his blunter nose and forward-jogging horns clearly marked him as high nobility. “We are honored by the presence of Lord Commander Ki-Namu Yeshai, Duke of Yeshai, ” he moved next to a tawny keshmin with a short, narrow snout and forward-curved horns. “Earl and Knight Captain Telmu Anyo. ” Anyo gave a curt nod as Michaels indicated a dusky-furred keshmin speckled black stripes, and a tan-and-cream keshmin. Both of their horns had a gentle forward curve. “Lord Artificers Ayesh Ayan and Kimo Sayiash, Second Artificer Nalmu Tyetyeh, ” Michaels pointed at a russet keshmin with splotches of tan and cream and straight horns, “And Second Artificer-“ Shiyan Yenyed! Rinns ears popped up as he recognized the distinctive brown spots and stripes of his cream-furred roommate. I havent seen him since University! “Over the next few weeks, we will work together to develop combined arms tactics and techniques. Two artificers will be assigned to work with each company, with Duke Yeshai joining me at Battalion HQ. ” He turned to smile at Rinns company. “Im sorry, Echo Company, but youre only getting one new artificer. Youve already got one. ” A few chuckles rippled through the ranks, and somebody nudged Rinn from behind. “After we make those assignments, ” Michael continued, turning to look across the rest of the Marines. “You will have a day to get your new squadmates settled in and familiarized with the camp and basic ops. Tomorrow, we hit the ground running. Major Winters has worked with liaisons from the Ganlin Royal Host, as well as our own experts, and put together an aggressive training and integration program. Well be putting each other through our paces to show what each can do, coupled with strategy and planning sessions, and team building exercises. ” He paused, sweeping his gaze across the battalion for effect. “Were entering new territory here, integrating capabilities new to both sides. We know how Marines fight. Our Ganlin friends know how the Royal Host fights. Weve all seen first hand how the enemy fights. ” He stretched himself a little taller, raising his voice for emphasis. “There is nobody who has had a better look at the challenges of this war than all of you standing here now. ” He raised his fist, his thumb pointed up, shaking it up-and-down. “If you have ideas, suggestions, solutions, pass them up the chain. Youre the ones who have seen this shit for real. ” He pointed his whole hand at the battalion. “Youre the ones who will have to make whatever we come up with work out in the field. Id rather get as much input from all of you, the actual boots on the ground, than a bunch of pencil-pushing bean counters deployed to a cubicle somewhere back in DC. Oorah? ” “OORAH! ” He pointed at the ground beneath their feet. “What we do here in the next few weeks will set the foundation for combat doctrine for years to come. ” He pointed at the battalion again. “Do it right. Do it the Marine way. And make your country proud. Oorah? ” “OORAH! ” “Major Winters, I want a company commanders meeting at HQ in one-five minutes, officers and senior enlisted. Well determine company assignments, and discuss accommodations and chain-of-command for our new artificer specialists. ” “Aye, sir! ” “Sergeant Major, keep our resident experts behind, but you may dismiss the rest of the battalion to the barracks. Theyll be meeting the artificers assigned to their companies soon. ” “Aye, sir! ” Barrakis turned to the formation. “Battalion! Atten-huh! ” Rinn snapped to attention along with the Marines. “Second Squad, First Platoon, Echo Company, stay here. The rest of you are to return to the barracks and stand by. Oorah? ” “Oorah! ” He eyed the formation. “Retreat! ” “HELL! ” “Two-Five! ” “RETREAT, HELL! ” “Dismissed! ” As the rest of the battalion fell out of formation, Bradford remained standing at attention. Rinn followed her lead, intently studying the tight bun her hair was folded into, his ears locked in line with his horns. Once the other Marines moved away from them, Bradford relaxed and stepped forward. Rinn and the rest of the squad fell in behind her. She stopped in front of Colonel Michaels and snapped out a crisp salute. The rest of the Marines stopped and did the same. Rinn bent forward slightly and dipped his head in a proper, military bow. “Second Squad reporting as ordered, sir! ” “Stand at ease, Sergeant, ” Michaels said, returning the salute. Rinn noted that Winters and Barrakis both saluted, as well. Duke Yeshai snapped to attention and dipped his head in crisp acknowledgement. The other nobles hesitated, but at a subtle flick of Yeshais tail, quickly followed his example. Bradford dropped her salute and eased into a relaxed posture, clasping her hands in front of her waist. “Lord Commander, ” Michaels said. “This is Sergeant Bradford, and Second Artificer Ahyat. The Second Artificer linked up with Second Squad in our first fight in the war, and has been tagging along ever since. ” “Its a pleasure to meet you, Second Artificer, ” Yeshai said. “From what Colonel Michaels has told me, you have provided invaluable service to his battalion. ” “I was merely doing my job, my lord, ” Rinn said, his ears swinging back in stifled embarrassment at the recognition. “And polishing up quite well, I see, ” Yeshai said, glancing him up and down. “You put our travel-dusty appearance to shame. ” He gestured at the other keshmin. Anyo flicked his ears in annoyance while staring over Yeshais shoulder. Rinn felt the pride and vindication beaming off the humans beside and behind him. “I have the rest of my squad to thank for that, mlord. They have a few… tricks for cleaning one up. ” Anyo swung an ear forward as his eyes narrowed ever so slightly. “Well, hopefully they share, ” Yeshai yipped a laugh. “In the meantime, try not to blind us with the glare from your horns! ” “Ill do so, mlord. ” “Id be more concerned with being brained by that great snout of his, my lord! ” Yenyed said, stepping forward, earning himself a glare from Anyo. “Shiyan, ” Rinn smiled, reaching out his hand to clasp his old friends arm. “I havent seen you in an age! ” “Not since we shared a room at Yagyhanae! ” Yenyed grinned, gripping his arm tight. “Seven years, and I still cant get out of sight of that snout of yours. ” “When did you join the army? I thought you had an academic writ. ” Rinn asked. The last thing I need is for him to keep talking about how big my nose is in front of the humans… “About four years ago, when the writ ran out. ” He rolled his ears and shrugged. “Its been a soldiers life since. ” He released Rinns arm and flicked his ears at him while tapping his own horns. They had a gentler rearward curve. “Though it looks like its done you well. ” Rinn shrugged his ears, stepping back in line with the humans. “I see that not all introductions are necessary, ” Yeshai said, flicking an amused ear at them. “Second Artificer Ahyat, since you have developed some experience with humans, it was Major Winters suggestion that you might be able to provide some initial guidance, and Colonel Michaels and I agree. Short as your time with the humans has been, I am given to understand that it has not been uneventful, and that you have even made two trips to Earth. ” “Yes, my lord, ” Rinn said, dipping his head in a slight bow of affirmation, his ears held back as he shifted awkwardly. Yeshai glanced at Michaels, giving him a deferring flick of his ear. Michaels nodded. “Ahyat, in addition to everything else, you are assigned to act as a cultural guide and liaison for your fellow artificers, and for the battalion. For the first couple weeks, anyway, while we get used to each other. ” Yeshai smiled. “You are the resident human expert, after all. ” “Yes, mlord, ” Rinn nodded to both of them. “Though Im not sure I can provide more insight than what can be gained by just asking each other. ” “From what all I have been taught and experienced in diplomacy, ” Yeshai said, chuckling, “Its the asking that is always the sticking point. ” “As you say, my lord, ” Rinn said, his ears drooping in resignation. He nodded again, then had to suppress a frown when he caught Anyo glaring at him again. Thats a “youre talking above your station” glare for sure… “Colonel? ” Winters said, stepping into the conversation. She nodded over her shoulder at an officer in a different-styled uniform. “Excuse me for a moment, ” he said, stepping away. “So, ” Nalmu said, strutting forward. Rinns nose twitched as the musk he wore wafted along with him. “Pardon my forwardness, my lords, but I do hope we get some time away from camp. There arent many tails around here to snag, if you know what I mean. ” Rinn glanced at his artificially straight horns and had to keep himself from rolling his eyes. Typical… “Oh, were Marines, ” Davies piped up with a smirk and a wink. “We always know how to find tail to snag, if you know what I mean. ” Taking a deep breath, Rinn dove into his newly-assigned role as “cultural guide. ” “So, humans, ” he said. “Present! ” Kawalski said. Rinn took another deep breath. “Humans look a lot like stocky elves-“ “Heh, hes talking about you, Davies, ” Kawalski said in an exaggerated whisper. Rinn could feel the heat of Davies return glare through the fur on the back of his head. “They look much like elves, but resemblance aside, they are nothing like elves. ” “I am beginning to see that, ” Yeshai said, his ears twitching in amusement. “Humans are often brash, loud, and abrasive, or at least these ones are, ” he flicked his ears at the Marines around him. “I take that as a compliment, ” Kawalski said. “Some more than others…” Kawalski grinned. “But they are also kind, compassionate, and caring. They have much to share with us, and as alien as they may seem, we are not so different in the core of who we are. ” He touched his chest, near his heart. “And they have incredible miracles that they are willing to throw in against the elves, ” Yeshai said. “For now, ” Anyo muttered, earning himself a slight ear twitch from the Duke. “Miracles that they can teach us! ” Rinn said. “As amazing as what they can do seems, and you havent seen a fraction of it, they werent any more advanced than us only a few centuries ago. ” “But are they willing to teach us? ” “I cant speak for our diplomats and political leaders, ” Bradford spoke up, “But we have no reason not to share a lot of things. Plus, youve got magic, and I can assure you, sir, well be happy to trade a lot for that. ” “Sir? ” Anyo stepped forward. “He is no sir! He is the son of Archduke Yeshai! He is a member of the royal family, and you will address him as ‘my lord or ‘your grace, soldier! In any other circumstance, your proper action would be to kneel before him. Remember your place, and the appropriate treatment of your betters. ” “Pardon me, sir, ” Bradford said, turning a steely-eyed glare at him, her back ram-rod straight. “But in America we do not have nor recognize nobility. Our nation was founded on the principle that all people are born equal, and Americans do not kneel before anyone. ” “All are equal? ” Anyo snorted, his ears twirling in a dismissive flip. “And who rules you? Do you just pick someone from among you and all vote on it? ” “Yes, ” Bradford said. “Its called Democracy. ” Anyo opened his mouth to give further mockery but found himself brought up short by Bradfords response. Ha! He didnt expect that! Rinn thought, Though, I didnt, either… “And we are not ruled, we are governed, ” Bradford added. “The United States of America is a Republic, with duly- and democratically-elected representatives, who form a government by the people, for the people, and of the people. ” “That is the most impetuous, absurd thing I have ever heard! ” Anyo sneered, his ears perked straight up. “And I will not be spoken to in such a way by a common soldier, nevermind a woman playing at-“ “Knight Captain! ” Yeshai said, his sharp tone signaling the end of the discussion. “The humans clearly have many cultural differences, but this is not the first time we have encountered, nor worked with peoples of wildly different cultures. Nor should you be so surprised by female warriors. Many of the most powerful Dohlgra battlecasters are women, after all. The humans have shown they wish to be both our friends and allies, and gods above and below know we need them. ” He gave Anyo a stern glare. “Whatever cultural differences and disagreements we have with them must be put aside. ” “As you say, your grace, ” Anyo said, dipping forward in a modest bow. He stepped back, but made no apology. Bradford eyed him for a moment, then turned away, clearly dismissing him from her thoughts. Rinn heaved an internal sigh of relief, glad he did not have to choose between trying to calm the situation, and defending Bradford. “Everything alright over here? ” Michaels asked, returning to the group. “Just fine, sir, ” Bradford replied without hesitation. “Good, ” Michaels said. “Lord Commander, Im about to meet with the rest of the battalion leadership. Im sure youll want to be present. ” “Of course, ” Yeshai said. He glanced at Anyo with a pointed flick of an ear. “I expect our integration to begin apace while Im gone. ” “Yes, my lord, ” Anyo replied. “Sir! ” Bradford said, snapping to attention and rendering a crisp salute. “Carry on, Sergeant. ” Michaels returned the salute. “Give them a tour of the new facilities. ” “Aye, sir! ” Bradford said, dropping her arm. Michaels turned and departed, the Duke alongside. Bradford turned and glanced at the keshmin, then the Marines. “We just put up a whole new mini-compound for this op. Lets go to the barracks first, then what our training facilities. ” She considered a moment. “Then well show you the MCX they just put up on the other side of the base. Theres not much there, yet, but they might occasionally have something in stock worth buying while youre here. By then, it should be chow time. ” The two enlisted artificers gave agreeable nods, perking up at the mention of food. Ayan and Sayiash both glanced at Anyo, taking their cue from him. The Ganlin Earl narrowed his eyes at Bradford, his ears cocked at a distasteful angle, but nodded in allowance. Bradford nodded her head past the Marines. “Barracks are this way, then. ”. “Man, that guy is a dick, ” Kimber muttered as they left the sparsely-stocked and half-constructed, pre-assembled building that was MOB Tolkiens MCX. “And he seems to have a stick up his ass about us, ” Dubois said, glancing over his shoulder at Anyo, who trailed behind the enlisted humans and keshmin, flanked by the other Ganlin nobles. “Its not just you, ” Shiyan said, sniffing at the “snickers” the squad had purchased for him. “Were from the same artillery regiment. Hes not in my line or battery, thank the gods, but Ive passed him often enough. He has ‘a stick up his ass about everything. ” He chuckled. “I like that phrase. Im going to steal it. ” “Be our guest, ” Edison said. “The Corps has shamelessly stolen enough of our own over the years. ” Shiyan nodded, then frowned at his Snickers, perplexed by the wrapper. Rinn held up his own, and demonstrated how to open it, copying what he had seen the Marines do. The candy bars exposed, they both eyed them skeptically, gave them another sniff, and each took a bite. Their ears shot up in unison. “Abof an belo! ” Rinn said around his bite. The sticky-chewy bit in the middles a bit awkward, but the nuts, and those are definitely nuts, give it a satisfying crunch… and its so sweet! He took another bite, and he and Shiyan fell into a race to see who could finish theirs the fastest. “So goo! ” “Yeah, I think chocolates a hit, ” Sampson said. “Yup, ” Miller said. “If it doesnt kill them…” Bradford sighed. “Wha? ” Shiyan asked, freezing with his tongue still on the inside of his wrapper. “Nah, nothin weve fed to Shieldss made him keel over yet! ” Kawalski waved away any concerns. “Theyll be fine. ” “I dunno… He shat out that pile of death while we were patrolling the wall Saturday morning…” Kimber said. “Looked like he wanted to die while doing it, too. ” “Nah, Mexican food will do that to anyone. Gomez about died doing the same thing. ” “Yeah, well, he also chugged half a bottle of Holy Jolokia, ” Kimber laughed. “That would make anyone regret living on the way back out…” “Whats bad about… ‘chocolate? ” Rinn asked, looking mournfully down at his empty wrapper. And it was so good, too… “Its got alkaloids in it that can kill a lot of creatures if they eat enough of it, ” Bradford said. “Dont know what theyll do to you, which is why you really need to stop eating whatever these guys try to feed you. ” “But theyre safe for humans? ” “More or less, ” Bradford shrugged. “We just tolerate them a lot better, I think. ” “Dude, humans can eat just about anything, ” Edison said. “Theres not a thing on Earth that someone hasnt eaten or tried to eat at some point or other. ” “Well, ” Rinn said, eyeing his wrapper for any residual trace of chocolate. “If we keshmin can survive Royal Host field rations, I think we can survive anything you guys make as food. ” Shiyan snorted. “Gods above know that for a truth. ” “Speaking of food…” Tyetyeh said, holding up his own empty wrapper. “Are we going to have more of these? ” Bradford chuckled. “Chow halls right up here. Its not gourmet dining, but its better than MREs. ” “Human field rations, ” Rinn said when Tyetyeh cocked an ear. “Gourmet dining compared to our field rations. ” The straight-horned artificer nodded, scratching an ear. “So, uh… Ahyat, ” he said in a low voice. “I cant help but notice that the humans seem to, ah… match up in some areas. If you put a sack over their head, or snuff out the candles, one might not be able to tell the difference, if you know what I mean. ” Rinn blinked in initial confusion, but his ears twitched as realization started to dawn. I dont know what you mean… I dont know what you mean… I dont know what you mean… Fuck… “You havent, per chance, gone chasing some… alternate tail, have you? And maybe be able to give a guys report, eh? ” Tyetyeh waggled his ears suggestively. Staring straight ahead, Rinn locked his expression in place, his agitation betrayed only by a slight twitch of the ear. “Artificer Tyetyeh, such a thing would be unspeakably inappropriate, and unbecoming, as has been most of your dialogue. ” “Ah, Ahyat, dont be a prude! Were soldiers in the midst of a war! Manly men, doing menly things! We might die tomorrow, ‘s what I always tell ‘em. Gets me up their skirts right quick. ” He waggled an ear. “That, and a coin or two, if you know what I mean. ” Rinn was saved from further uncomfortable conversation by their arrival at the chow hall. After brief directions to the lords on where to find the officers mess, the enlisted persons fell into line for food. He made sure to distance himself from Tyetyeh, and found himself sitting next to Bradford, as usual. Is she doing that on purpose? “So, hes quite the womanizer, ” she said, nodding at his recent source of annoyance. “Its to be expected, ” he sighed, “Given his horns. ” “I noticed they seemed unusually straight. Whats up with that? ” “He had them straightened. ” He paused to scoop a bite of food into his mouth. The main dish was some kind of meat with gravy and noodles. Bradford raised an eyebrow, and he continued when his mouth was clear again. “For most keshmin, commoners, our horns curve backwards, to varying degrees. ” He gestured at his own horns while scarfing down a couple more bites. It wasnt the greatest meal he ever had, but it was better than most hed had in the last few years. “Fo th nomble falies, ” he swallowed. “For most of them, their horns curve forward to some degree. The royal family has a sharp jog forward, like Lord Commander Yeshais horns. ” “Your noble classes are based on the curve of your horns? ” she gave him sidelong glance. “No, ” he shook his head. “Not exactly… I mean…” He frowned. Well, when you put it that way… “Yeah, kind of…” He sighed. “Its a sign of family lineage, and all the original Ganlin noble families had forward-curving horns. Not all nobility come from families with forward-curving horns anymore, but most do. ” “So forward curving horns are a sign of nobility. Wealth and prosperity. While rearward-curving horns are a sign of peasantry. So he had his horns straightened to make himself more attractive? ” “Yef. ” He nodded, grateful for the opportunity to shovel more food down his gullet. “But why straight? Why not curve them forward? ” “Because that could get him charged with impersonating nobility. ” “Ah, such a great and dastardly crime. ” Bradford rolled her eyes. “Yef, ” Rinn nodded around another bite of food. “So people who want to appear wealthier or higher status than they are, usually to impress the ladies, will have the shape of their horns modified. ” “But if theyre just peasants, they dont dare have them curved forward. ” “Yes, ” he nodded, scraping his plate and scooping what was left onto his fork. “Thats so silly…” she shook her head, then sighed. “Though, I guess we cant talk too much. We used to discriminate against and even enslave each other based on skin color. ” She frowned. “Some still do. Discriminate, that is. Slavery is illegal. So is discrimination, but thats harder to prove and take action against. ” Rinn quirked an ear. “Slavery is… not common these days. ” He gathered his utensils on his tray and stood up. Bradford quickly scooped the last of her food into her mouth and joined him. “Tha could be a prolem, ” she said, before swallowing. “At least in the long-term. ” He shrugged. “There are hardly any slaves in the Kingdom anymore. ” He dropped his trash and utensils in the appropriate receptacles. “Most slaves were indentures who sold themselves into slavery to pay debts, or prisoners captured in battle. With the war against the elves going the way it has, the King offered to pay off any indenture, and pay double the standard rate for indenture for enlistment in the Royal Host. Between that, and the drafts, there arent many who would sell themselves to slavery. ” “And elves dont let themselves get captured. ” Exiting the chow hall, Bradford stepped to the side and sat down on a stack of lumber that hadnt been used or moved yet. “Almost never, yes, ” he nodded, joining her. He looked down at the precision-cut timbers they sat on, then up at the rapidly-built structures around him, some of which were still under construction. “Will you really teach us all of this? ” he asked, waving at the sights around them. “Dont see why not, ” she said, then snorted. “Besides, its not like we could do much to prevent it. There are too many businesses that will jump at the new markets and trade you guys represent. We couldnt stop it if we tried. “Youll just have to be careful they dont rob you blind. ” “Ha! ” he waggled his ears at her. “Our lords and merchants are quite good at robbing people blind themselves! I think well be fine. ” She chuckled. “Good. We havent always done right by people who were technologically behind us. “Were more conscious of it now, and I think you guys have plenty of leverage with your magic, but its a trap we might fall into without even realizing. ” He nodded, then glanced back at the chow hall as his nose twitched. Yenyed was walking out alongside Shinyan and the rest of the squad. Does any woman fall for him, as heavy as he throws it on? “Where to next, boss? ” Kawalski asked. “Wherever they tell us, ” Bradford said, nodding at the exit to the officers mess, where the nobles were exiting, along with Colonel Michaels, Major Winters, and Lord Captain Yeshai. She stood up as they approached, and the whole group popped to attention and saluted. “Good afternoon, sir! ” she said as Michaels returned the salute. “At ease, Sergeant. ” He glanced at the squad. “Marines, artificers, we have your assignments. ” Yeshai stepped forward, reading from a scrap of paper. “Lord Sayiash, you will be joining Second Artificer Ahyat in Echo Company. Lord Ayan, you and Second Artificer Tyetyeh will be joining Foxtrot Company. Knight Captain Anyo, you and Second Artificer Yenyed will be joining Delta Company. I will be working with Colonel Michaels and Major Winters in Headquarters Company. Are there any questions? ” “No, my lord, ” the artificers quietly echoed. Rinn glanced at Shinyan, a little disappointed that he was not assigned to Echo Company with him. We were never great friends, but we were friends, and I have so few of them left these days… He rolled his ears. Either way, well still be working together. “Excellent, ” Yeshai said, folding the paper and tucking it away. “Sergeant, ” Michaels said, “Take your men and escort everyone to their respective companies and provide introductions. ” He nodded at Winters and Yeshai. “We have some training plans to finalize. ” “Aye, sir, ” Bradford nodded. “Oh, and Sergeant, ” Michaels said, pausing as he started to turn away. “Make sure the company commanders know that, once everyone has settled in, they are to be taken to Medical. Everyone needs to get their shots. ” “Aye, sir, ” she said again. Michaels gave her a satisfied nod, then turned and led Winters and Yeshai away. She turned to look at the squad and accompanying artificers. “Back to the barracks it is. ” “You said well all be sleeping there together? ” Tyetyeh asked, leering. “Because if there are any ladies around, I wont be sleeping at all, if you know what I mean. ” Bradford pursed her lips, Rinn sighed, Davies chuckled, and the rest of the squad rolled their eyes or suppressed a groan. At least we wont have to deal with him so much… [ First] Prev] Next.

Michelle Obama is THE First Lady. So cool. So smart. True beauty. 19 19 Posted by 4 years ago Archived 5 comments 91% Upvoted This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast Sort by level 1 Original Poster 1 point 4 years ago Was wierd to see no one had posted it yet, minute 50 as im typing, score is 0-1 to Wolfsburg level 2 Original Poster 1 point 4 years ago Aaaaaand its 1-1 from the freekick (Own goal. The ladies doing the same as the boys. Continue this thread   level 1 [deleted] 6 points 4 years ago ( 0 children) More posts from the chelseafc community Continue browsing in r/chelseafc r/chelseafc A subreddit and forum dedicated to Chelsea FC 167k CAREFREE. 788 KTBFFH Created May 27, 2010 help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Communities Top Posts Topics about careers press advertise blog Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved.

Presidential Pop Culture * Unconventional Americana * Mythic History * Dogs * Home About Who is Carl Anthony? Authors Books & Media Author Photography & Painting Presidents Presidents and Animals Presidential Mythology Preisdential Inaugurations Presidential Birthdays Presidential Homes Presidents Together Presidential Campaigns and Elections Cats of the White House First Ladies First Families The Washingtons The Lincolns The McKinleys The Roosevelts The Tafts The Wilsons The Hardings The Coolidges The Hoovers The Trumans The Eisenhowers The LBJs The Nixons The Reagans The Bushes The Obamas The Kennedys Hollywood Dogs Senior Dog Care Foster Caring Dogs Yeager the Weimaraner Yeager the Weimaraner Tribute Holidays Legendary Americans State Pies Tech Celebrity Degrees of Separation Myths Diversity eBook Liz Taylor Meets Jackie Kennedy: Tabloid Fantasy to Chance Encounter & The Only Photos of Them Together, Part II By on December 29, 2018 • ( 0) Just in case Photoplays dismissive March 1964 headline about Liz and Dick had suggested the wedding was a dull afterthought, the tabs April cover made up for it, featuring the couple kissing with the lure of exclusive photos. The affirmation of… Read More Melania Trump v. John Kelly: First Ladies & West Wing Personnel, A Brief History By on November 14, 2018 • ( 0) The news reports which broke yesterday caught even the most assiduous chroniclers of the man occupying the presidency and his wife by surprise. It was the First Lady Melania Trump, regarded as functioning independently from the words and deeds of… Read More Melania Trump Hospitalization: What the Public Is Told About a First Ladys Health By on May 14, 2018 • ( 0) The news breaking on Monday, May 14, 2018 that First Lady Melania Trump was at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for kidney surgery wasnt learned through leaks to the New York Times, nor revealed by a lawyer on… Read More “Yes, I am a Liberal, ” Barbara Bushs Politics: Gays, Guns & Equal Rights By on April 23, 2018 • ( 0) At a press round table in March of 1989, the new First Lady Barbara Bush declared to the press corps who covered her activities: “Yes, Im a liberal. I dont mean that as knocking the Republican Party, because I… Read More Barbara Bush, Early 90s Icon: The Simpsons to The Laptop By on April 20, 2018 • ( 0) With the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush, 92, wife of one Vice President who then became President, mother of another President, recollections, analysis and tributes about her life and legacy have flooded the media on broadcast, print and… Read More Betty Fords Centennial: A Vibrant Life in Videos & Hundreds of Pictures By on April 8, 2018 • ( 0) My work as an historian, researcher and author of books on the American First Ladies and the political power and cultural influence they possess overlapped a timeline during which nine women who held that unofficial position were alive and helped… Read More Cat & Bird: When Actress Eartha Kitt Challenged First Lady Johnson on the Vietnam War By on January 18, 2018 • ( 1) The year 1968 was one of the most tumultuous experienced among the American people; enormous social change was underway. Protests, pickets and riots that year marked the start of what emerged as the national Black Power Movement and the Womens… Read More Melania Trumps Independence from the President has First Lady Precedence By on November 1, 2017 • ( 1) On civil rights to gun control to womens rights, Jackie Kennedy, Pat Nixon, Eleanor Roosevelt, Nancy Reagan give context to the recent declaration that Melania Trump is “Independent” from the President  Copyrighted, 2017 All media and individuals using this original… Read More A Dozen First Lady Fourths: Presidential Wives Independence Days Radically Diverse By on June 30, 2017 • ( 0) Since that day of July 4, 1776. when its independence was first declared by the American colonies upon the ratification of the Declaration of Independence, the United States has marked Independence Day for 240 years. It was only thirteen years… Read More Melanie Trump, A Bess Truman for the Twenty-First Century By on February 9, 2017 • ( 0) Last week marked a new uptick on coverage of the new First Lady – not for where she was, but where she wasnt. She was only briefly spotted on the tarmac at Palm Beach, Florida, striking a pose, a political… Read More 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Oldest.

មែនតើពួកយើងរស់នៅលើផែនដី ដូចធ្វើបាប ព្រះអាទិត្យ និង ព្រះចន្ទ 😴😴😴😄👌. Latest on First Lady VH1 Reality Stars From 'Flavor Of Love' And 'Love & Hip-Hop' Team Up On Feature Film 'First Lady' By Liz Kocan • Dec 6, 2018 Starring Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander and Jim Jones, First Lady isn't high cinema, but it's a fun, fast romp. ท่าเต้นนี่ใช่ภาษามือไหมอะครับ. Whats that song called when she in the shower. Free watch first lady christmas.

Love you. WATCH LIVE: President Trump and First Lady arrive in Georgia to tour hurricane damage, WJLA. เพลงของผลิตเป็นเพลงรักที่มีความรักที่มอบให้ผู้อื่นเสมอ... แต่ล่าสุด... I'm ok กลับเป็นเพลงที่อกหักซะงี้... แต่คนอกหักกลับเป็นนุช😭😭. Chistopol watch factory "Vostok" developing a collection of watches of Amfibia, suggests women not to lag behind men, to be better, to be the first in everything. Lady First is a new model of women sports watch of Amfibia for outdoor activities and sports. In the fitness center, on a beach and even night club these bright and expressive watches will be reflection of taste and the activity proof in life. Amfibia Lady First follows two main tendencies of a modern watch fashion. This aspiration to a visibility, unusual design at reduction of diameter of watches. Diameter of the case of the Lady First model – 36 mm, and big elements of fastening of a thong with the Amfibia logos, the clockwork head screw, decoratively issued bezel add uniqueness to an image of watches. Dials have original design, are decorated with the real pastes and are issued in several color options – chocolate, red, orange, turquoise, white, pink, lilac and light pink. The same color scale is used and in thongs. On the Lady First model are established either PU, or thongs from the genuine leather processed by special structure. The Amfibia and Lady First logos are put on thongs. Graceful shooters are covered with Superluminova structure. In watches the simple and reliable mechanism the Vostok 2409 with manual winding is established. The case from stainless steel with mineral glass has water protection to 10 ATM. Each model is packed into a silver-black box, the passport with the maintenance instruction is attached. Amfibia Lady First are watches which will be the real ornament of an everyday life of any modern woman. There are no products to list in this category.

I dont know who discovered her but shes extremely average looking. Nothing special, youre average gold digging slavic woman. There is something called protocoll. President shake hand with president and after that with his first lady, first lady shake hand with first lady and after that with her husband. Free Watch First ladyy. Nay and meech new fan url. Loving the intro. The best First Lady hands down. Shes absolutely awesome. Free watch first lady 2017. Simple answer: she doesnt. 🤷🏽‍♀️😩😩😩.

Published on Tuesday, November 26, 2019 by "If your president husband calls the city 'a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess' where 'no human being would want to live' and then you hold an 'anti-bullying' event there, on behalf of the White House, honestly, what do you expect. First Lady Melania Trump addresses the B'More Youth Summit in Baltimore, Maryland on November 26, 2019. (Photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images) First Lady Melania Trump on Tuesday was greeted with loud, sustained boos during the B'More Youth Summit on Opioid Awareness in Baltimore, a city President Donald Trump recently smeared as a "disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess. " The audience of middle and high school students reacted with a mixture of boos and cheers as the first lady took the stage to deliver prepared remarks at the summit, sponsored by the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration. The opioid awareness summit was part of Melania's "Be Best" anti-bullying initiative, which the White House launched last May. "If your president husband calls the city 'a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess' where 'no human being would want to live' and then you hold an 'anti-bullying' event there, on behalf of the White House, honestly, what do you expect. Buzzfeed 's Dominic Holden tweeted in response to the first lady's reception in Baltimore. The booing continued sporadically as Melania spoke, and students talked amongst themselves throughout the first lady's five-minute remarks. Kate Bennett, who covers the first lady for CNN, said she "cannot recall another event where [Melania] was more negatively received. " I believe it is also the first loud booing by an audience at a solo event with Mrs. Trump. said Bennett. The student crowd booed the first lady once more as she concluded her remarks and left the stage. Watch: Our work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3. 0 License. Feel free to republish and share widely. This is the world we live in. This is the world we cover. Because of people like you, another world is possible. There are many battles to be won, but we will battle them together—all of us. Common Dreams is not your normal news outlet. We don't survive on clicks. We don't want advertising dollars. We want the world to be a better place. But we can't do it alone. It doesn't work that way. We need you. If you can help today—because every gift of every size matters—please do. Without Your Support We Won't Exist. Please select a donation method.

Free watch first lady full. Verification! m Edit: Thanks for the gold x2! Disclaimer: this verification/picture has nothing to do with the corona beer company. Update: this post has gotten huge! Ill reply to everyone as I can, and will post more updates as they come. CROSSPOSTED If you can hit like and bump it so the world can be more aware, Id appreciate it! Local time: 2/7/2020 08:08 What seems to be a military truck showed up on port? Will update here as I can. There are men in camo that are port side. 09:00 We got fresh towels! To those on the ship, just call your attendant periodically. They are washing towels every now and again and can offer fresh ones. 09:41 Interviewed with a Japanese newspaper. There are now two military trucks and 5 ambulances, all in hazmat suits - imagining more people will be taken ashore for treatment. The food situation has gotten MUCH better - we went to bed hungry and thirsty, but are actually full now. 09:57 41 new cases for a total of 61 cases on board. Lots of news crews, helicopters, and ambulances arriving. No news has been shared from Princess Cruises - we learned from the news. The help desk told us that those who have tested negative will be notified as well. 10:28 Thermometers and gloves will be delivered to every stateroom. Gloves and masks must be worn for open deck time. Temperature must be recorded at regular intervals - any temperature higher than 37. 5c must be reported. The cruise line is doing the very best that they can, and seem to have a system in place now that works. 15:29 Just woke up from a much needed nap - lunch came! Still 1-2 dozen ambulances out. Someone in our hallway was taken away. It feels a bit like the hunger games with uncertainty of who will be plucked next. Lunch is really nice today - much like the dining hall meals. Now our only issues are uncertainty and boredom, plus of course confinement and lack of exercise. 16:29 Worthy update... I think booze is for sale? 16:58 We found out some of our aussie friends were told that they were negative. Huge relief, as they sat next to us for the two weeks of the cruise at dinner! 18:05 Japanese authorities continue to take people off the boat, with about a dozen people to go, looks like. People are getting roughly an hours notice before being removed from the boat. Situation on the boat is good - were still stuck to the cabins but making the most of the situation. Weve actually been busy today with everything online! Weve interviewed with a japanese newspaper and Chinese news site today, with an American news channel tonight/tomorrow. People have reached out to us to see if we can get supplies delivered. Yall have been so kind and responsive, we really appreciate it! 18:30 We learned that some people were separated from their husbands today due to being tested positive. Their spouses are not allowed to join them. Wonder if those spouses are being re-tested? Our status has yet to be confirmed. 18:51 Dinner is here! Food situation remains to be great. When I catch up with replies, Ill work on getting a photo album up. 19:35 Read on our Facebook thread that people are not being reimbursed by travel insurance due to the fact that its an epidemic. In one case, a news journalist reached out to an insurer asking about why they werent covering us - turns out, they changed their mind and covered them! Hopefully either we can get coverage, OR the cruise line does the right thing for lost wages, lost time, uncertainty, and just in general the situation that none of us can control. 19:40 41 new cases with a total of 61. This concludes the 273 originally tested. Happy to say that my wife and I are NEGATIVE! Nationality breakdown: Argentina: 1 Australia: 5 Canada: 5 Japan: 21 American: 8 Britain: 1 Quarantine official end date is Wednesday, 2/19/2020, unless further developments are made by the Japanese health ministry. The US embassy is working to get us off the boat on this date. Until then, cabin confinement will be a thing, along with visits to the open deck every day on a rotating schedule. Not everyone will get to go each day. Tomorrow, ocean view staterooms can go outside. All interior cabins have been able to see light today. Mandatory masks/gloves will be worn. The Japanese health ministry has provided us with additional doctors and medical staff to assist with the ongoing situation. Weve been provided with even more water, and have two gallons stockpiled of bottled water. The cruise ship is well stocked, and passengers are being well taken care of. Cabin fever and keeping occupied is the major challenge for many of us, though puzzles are being handed out, origami paper, and many movies are being added. The cruise line has really come together to make the best of the situation. Broadband speeds have greatly increased, and are free. Theyre also working on in-room activities to keep us occupied. A new food/beverage menu is being developed. Theyve addressed that being confined is a tough situation, and truly are making quality of life better. Balconies have been addressed - we can go out as we please, but are required to wear masks. The crew has done an amazing job through extraordinary circumstances, and Princess Cruises has really stepped to the plate today. The captain has been much more vocal today - I cant imagine the stress thats being put on him between the company, embassies, the Japanese government, and passengers frustrations. Tomorrow morning at about 08:00, the Diamond Princess will set sail to sea for normal marine operations (I. e, making water) and will return in the evening back to Yokohamas daikoku cruise terminal. Ill have more updates tomorrow - off to watch a movie with the wife! Things are good, and today, we had BACON. Our clogged arteries are happy! Next adventure starts tomorrow. 2/8/2020 Day 4 07:13 Replied to many comments/Facebook, about to interview with channel 5 in DFW. There are a couple ambulances out but from our understanding everyone was taken off who was positive last night. 08:21 First person has been taken off the ship. Just finished interviewing with Chanel 5 in DFW - will be on at 22:00 central standard time. 08:44 Noticed a few suitcases and people that look like theyre boarding - Im thinking that these were the Japanese medical professionals that they were talking about. 08:55 The president of Princess Cruises is here in japan working to make sure the cruise remains comfortable for its passengers. A few passengers reported fevers and are being checked by medical staff - thats what the ambulances are for. A consoling hotline has been opened for guests aboard the cruise. We will shortly set sail to perform essential marine activities off the coast of japan. We will arrive back to Yokohama on 2/9/2020, 0900. They are warning for rough seas such as the other night. Breakfast has just arrived! Looking good food wise again. In other news, we talked to some crew and asked how they were doing. They stated that they are hanging in there, but not sleeping too well due to the increased workload. Its going to be a long two weeks for them - theyre working incredibly hard! 09:26 The princess diamond just tooted its horn and is now off to sea! 11:31 Deck 8 even room numbers with an ocean view window can go to the open deck now for a bit.

ពេលវេលាផុតយូយ៉ាងណាក៍ដោយក៍ញុមនៅតែស្ដាប់ពិរោះដែរធ្វេីឲយេីងនឹកឃេីញរឿងអតីតជាច្រេីន. Here in December 2019 💜. Free Watch first lady. Why when I hear Ivanka talk, I feel like I'm watching ASMR.


ស្តាប់តាំពីររៀនថ្នាក់ទី7ដល់ថ្នាក់ទី11😂. These words<3. Free Watch First lady gaga. Free watch first lady book. Love this song3. 114 colonial sanger tx Ivanka. ฉากจบเมีย 2018 ร้องโดยผัว2018 คนนี้แหละค่ะ 😘😘. I wonder who willbe the next president and what will happen to the wall. Ans that trump is impeached mike pence will be taking over until the new president will be elected which will be November 2020 and December 2020. Free watch first lady youtube. Who found this song because Nay& meech videos in their intro omg love it love them they my favorite they so cute together im a huge fan. Love this song. Watch first lady 2 online free. My school showed us this video to everyone in the school. And students were crying because it was emotional for them.

Omg I love this song so much. Referenční číslo: C030. 250. 36. 056. 00 Průměr pouzdra: 38. 00 mm Certina poprvé představuje dámské hodinky se zobrazením měsíčních fází. Jemnou keramickou lunetu doplňují sportovní prvky a v pouzdře z nerezové oceli nebo pokrytém růžovým zlatem metodou PVD se nachází vysoce přesný quartzový strojek Precidrive. CZK 24690. - Doporučená cena (včetně DPH) Specifikace Pouzdro: DS Concept Nerezová ocel 316L PVD povlak Chráněná korunka Bisel: Keramika Sklo: Safírové sklíčko Antireflexní úprava na obou stranách Ciferník: Černý Indexy + Diamanty Strojek: Swiss Made Quartz PrecidriveTM Ukazatel konce životnosti Chronograf 12 h Měsíční fáze Vodotěsné: Až do tlaku 10 bar (100 m) Náramek: Kůže Specialita: Motýlová spona s 2 tlačítky Fasetovaná keramická luneta Keramika používaná v hodinářství je odolná proti poškrábání, antialergická, vysoce trvanlivá a udržuje si svou lesklou barvu po dlouhou dobu. Není divu, že Certina těchto vlastností využívá k výrobě výjimečných lunet. Jemně fasetovaná struktura této lunety je elegantní a příjemná na dotek. Štíhlé linie Sportovnost a elegance se v žádném případě nevylučují - právě naopak. Obzvlášť štíhlý profil pouzdra tohoto modelu zajišťuje ležérní pohodlí nositele i elegantní siluetu.

Ivanka is so fine. Who listening still in 2018 Im here 2•8•18. ตามจากหัวใจศิลาค่ะ😀😀😀. What a brilliant President we have! We are indeed well blessed as a nation. Talk about achieving excellence and exceeding expectations. Depression deeper than the Pacific Ocean. Free watch first lady song. Free Watch First ladys. So this literally happened a couple of hours ago but Im already calm enough to put it coherently into worlds, English is not my first language, so sorry if there are any mistakes. Cast bf = my boyfriend byb = boyfriends younger brother bbf = boyfriends best friend em = entitled karen c1 and c2 = cop 1 and cop 2 me = me Because of what happened, byb reaching reaching a breaking point in his borderline abusive relationship, it was a hectic weekend, bf needed a little bit of a break because in his words “if I keep hearing my little brother crying over that piece of shit, Im going over to that shitheads house and Im breaking his bones”, I have classes in the morning, but we pretty much were going over a topic I already knew, and this was more important to me. So he calls his best friend over for him to look after byb, I went with bf, mostly to make sure he didnt go after bybs boyfriend and hurt him. We ended up going to a Walmart, where we live they are the largest supermarkets and surprisingly not a lot of crazy people go in there, we were mostly looking for candy and drinks, at this point bf has managed to calm down and we were having fun, until em appeared. Now, take in count that in my country, sadly there has been an outbreak of child abductions so people are quite on edge when it comes to pedophilia, also Im 52 and 19 years old, but I have a baby face and have been told that I could easily pass for a 14 or 15 year old, bf is 64 and 21 years old, but with his beard he easily looks in his late 20s, because of this I understand the concern when the encounter first happened, but things quickly turned sour. Bf was a couple of steps away from me when a woman yanked me by the arm. (This was in spanish, Ill try my best to translate it) Em: “OMG are you ok young lady? ” Me: “yes maam, I was just shopping with bf” Em: “WHAT HOW COULD YOU BE ENABLING THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR” Bf catches up to us, but before he could say something she slapped him, bf was shocked because he saw her screaming at me, but didnt knew why a random woman would slap him. Em: “GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HERE YOU DEGENERATE” Me in a calm voice: “we are both legal adults”, before she could respond, I dragged confused looking bf to the candy and chips aisle, I told him what happened and after checking that his cheek was okay we sorta laughed it off. This could have been the end of the story, but here is when the title comes into play, as I mentioned earlier, because of recent news, pedophilia reports arent taken lightly. Suddenly bf gets tackled into the floor by a cop while other cop dragged me away from him, a little later I found that between 2 other cops they dragged my bf into an office while they waited for a police car to show up, and after awhile of me asking what was going on, the cop that tackled bf finally came back. C1: “maam you are safe now, dont worry you are safe know” Me: “WHAT IS GOING ON? ” C2: “you wont have to deal with that pedo again” Me: trying to stay calm) “There is a mistake sir, he is my boyfriend not a molester” C1: “dont worry, youll find someone your age that is good for you” Me: “WE ARE BOTH ADULTS” I started to search for my id, but realized I only had cash and my debit card, I had left it in bfs car, along with my student id, and my drivers license, so I quickly explained this to the cops and went to the office where bf was handcuffed to a bench with another officer watching him. C1 went to bf and demanded the keys Bf: “can this please be quick? byb is going through a hard time and I just want to go back home” C2: “SHUT UP LOWLIFE BASTARD” Bf was getting more pissed by the second, but kept his composure Finally c1, c2 and I went to get my id, and went back to the office where bf was. When the cops finally checked our ids they lowkey got pale. Afterwards they explained to us that a woman had called them, they were standing at the entrance, because she said she saw a poor girl that was brainwashed into dating a pedophile. After apologizing, they let us go, right when we were leaving the store, walking to the entrance with the cops, since they had to go back to the entrance anyway, we saw em, but she was the one that came back to us Em: “FINALLY, are you taking this pedo to jail? ” C1:”maam, they are both legal and consenting adults” EM: “WHAT, NO, HE IS A PEDO HARRASSING THIS POOR LADY” Then em tried to grab me again, but c2 stopped her, and instead of leaving it alone, em proceded to slap the officer, and ended up in handcuffs. While this was going on, c1 was apologizing for what happened and gave bf his phone and wallet back, the manager arrived, and offered us a discount for the trouble and we resumed our shopping. When bf checked his phone he saw he had multiple missed calls from bbf and then the texts that were pretty much saying that byb had cried himself to sleep and why we were taking so long, this Walmart is about 30 mins away from his house and we had left around 10 am, it was already 1 pm, we quickly finished getting some other household items we needed, payed and left, I ended up calling a coworker to cover for me, Im a teachers assistant and Im in charge of a study group, and I wouldnt be able to make it on time, on the plus side we saw em being taken on a cop car, we asked c2 what happened and apparently, she didnt have enough by slapping c2 but she started freaking out on the cops and bit c1 in an attempt to break free, she is being charged with assault on an officer and resisting arrest. Byb woke up a little bit after we arrived, around 2 pm, we ended up watching infinity war, while byb munches on his beloved jolly ranchers, after the movie he fell asleep again, and currently Im cuddling with bf while typing this, so at least it was a good ending. Edit: I dont mean to sound like Im trying to get internet points, but seriously if you have advice on helping someone out of a toxic relationship, it would be very kind Here is what happened to bfs younger brother Edit 2: After basically watching that even people online agrees that he should press charges and also him having a couple of bruises, its barely been 1 day so the bruises are definitely going to get worse, he agreed to fill a complain in the store, in his words “this is the one thing that will get solved the fastest, I dont have time to deal with shitty police”, Ill try to update after that is settled.

Ha, Klemen je čisto podoben Melanii. โปรดให้เกียรติคนธรรมดาอย่างฉัน ให้ได้รักเธอ.


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